We constantly research and select the best raw materials, according to the aesthetics, functionality and quantity of objects to be created.

We constantly invest in the search for new solutions, not only with a view to optimizing processes and product quality, but also with an attention to the environment that surrounds us.

Eco-sustainable productivity, high quality standards and compliance with existing regulations, machinery and technological equipment aimed at increasing production efficiency and reducing consumption, are part of our corporate vision and philosophy.

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The materials used for molding are the most varied technopolymers, from the classic ABS – POM – PA 6/66 – PC – PMMA – SAN – PP – PST – PE, to the most performing technopolymers such as PBT – PPS – PPA – PPO to thermoplastic alloys in addition to the thermoplastic rubbers TPE – TPU used as they are or for overmoulding on most materials.